Jibber Jabber January

“Oh my God, you’re about to jibber jabber about jibber jabber.”
– Penny from Big Bang Theory

The Hall family has quite the chronicles of jibber jabbering themselves. Our attempts at playful banter can be heard as overly quick gibberish to the less acquainted. For most, our jibber jabber is just as difficult to say as it is to join. A right of passage for some, performing in our exchanges can be a unifying experience corrobor ating a bond.

It’s no secret that wine can be an excellent social lubricant, which is one of the reasons we focus on conversation with our wines. A lesser known benefit is it’s relationship reinforcement properties. Nothing compares to a bond made over wine, especially when the conversational juices are flowing.

Jibber Jabber models a port-style wine often referred to as dessert wine. It’s as sweet as an after dinner treat, and it’s as spirited as a pep rally! Made with Vidal Blanc grapes, Jibber Jabber is a delicious way to fuel the repartee.

Get loquacious and quick-witted this January over a bottle of Jibber Jabber. Kindle a connection over a bout of jibber jabber.

~Thank you for letting us jibber jabber about Jibber Jabber. Next month, we tackle the ‘Rumors’ on why the ‘Chicken’ crossed the road~