What does it mean to be a Sheep?

Weighing in with historical figures like George Washington and Winston Churchill, being a sheep means being a blind follower, a voiceless creature without autonomy nor will. If we check in with current accounts of wisdom, being a sheep is equated with ‘keeping up with the Jones’ and following trends. There are some who believe that our society lacks the presence of free thinkers and rebels while there is an abundance of sheep and conformists, and some who draw parallels between the media and shepherds. Your powers of individuality and independence are rewarded if you do not concern yourself with the opinions of the sheep so says the proverbs. 

“The hungry sheep look up, but are not fed,” writes John Milton

Sheep may not be the movers and shakers of the world, but they do have some lessons to teach us. Sheep teach us to look out for each other, to not get bogged down in the trends of life, and to think for ourselves. As a leader, we can take notes from how a shepherd worries not about a storm, but about the herd. If being a sheep means getting lost in the crowd, be the black sheep and find strength in standing up for your differences. The Hall family is the black sheep of the wine world –  the oddballs challenging the traditions and familiarity of wine making and business ownership. Our greatest strength is in celebrating our eccentricity. 

Blah Blah Blanc is our commentary on breaking the sheep cycle; you can be blah, or you can be just as off the wall as our Vidal Blanc. With notes of pineapple and mango, this tropics inspiring grape brings natural sugars to the party which has earned it the title of an Off Dry. Our Vidal Blanc recipe has been rumored to not cause morning after headaches due to the lack of added sugar, but without concrete proof, I can only comment on the evidence of our recipe winning a Double Gold in the state of Maryland. Now that’s something that stands out!

Don’t be Sheepish, come to Broken Spoke Winery this March and check out our sheep on your drive in. (They’ve been known to respond well to Bah Bahss.) Are you a Pour Soul? Don’t forget to ask about your featured glass this month of Blah Blah Blanc that is included in your wine club membership! #BeYourOwnShepherd

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