March is Maryland wine month! As a state, we use this month to celebrate local wine and highlight the role Maryland wine plays in our agricultural, artistic, and economical growth. We are proud of our wine!

Broken Spoke Winery invites our fellow wine lovers to extend their Maryland wine knowledge. Play for a chance at a Broken spoke themed basket filled with our famous stemless glasses, a gift card, and a fun hat with our favorite helper, Charlie the chocolate lab. Here’s how to play:

Additionally, Maryland Wine association intends to assist you with your Maryland wine travels with a checklist of Maryland wineries. MDWineChallengeCard2019_FRONT-merged

Stay engaged; check out and use #MDWine #MDWineTrails & #MDWineMonth on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter! Or use some Broken Spoke Favorites like #lovewine #ifitsnotbroken #riverstocanal #DrinkMD!

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