Springtime on the farm means friendly welcomes to babies and wine alike!

The Broken Spoke family has gained several wonderful new members this Spring. The first addition to the “Animal Talk” line of wines is our fresh and fruit forward “Fill in the Blanc” with exciting notes of peaches. This exuberant Sauvignon Blanc has a mascot as lively as the wine itself. Charley Hall is the beloved and dutiful, family chocolate lab flaunting his number one talent, fetching the essentials. Released on April 18th, Fill in the Blanc has quickly rose to tasting room favorite and has deemed the title of this summer’s go to wine.

In similar fashion, our other spring additions will also be released the third Thursday of both May and June at the Bayard House. This May, Unbridled Blush makes a spirited return, and in June we welcome an eccentric extension to our family called Witty, a fun white merlot!

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