June Facts

Miniature Donkeys

Guests who visit Broken Spoke to experience our fun Tasting Room and events can also visit a pair of friendly, miniature donkeys–who joined our growing family of animals early this summer. One of our donkeys, Miracle, is a new mother; both she and Dad, Turkey, will celebrating the release of our Banter Red Blend this June. Both of them have different tastes in a red wine....Miracle prefers an appetizer of carrots before her first sip of red; Turkey likes to drink his red wine first.

What is a Miniature Donkey?

Miniature donkies were bought to the US in the '20s. Males are called "Jacks" and females are called "Jennets". They weigh 15lbs at birth and only grow to about 35 inches tall. Miniature Donkeys are native to the Mediterranean islands of Sicily and Sardinia. Bred to be small, tough, docile, and trainable, they were used to carry firewood, deliver freshly baked bread, pull carts filled with laundry, and were used to pull ore carts in mines. We expect they'll want to help serve our tasting trays to our tasting room customers!

Which is why they are stubborn, because they NEVER FORGET.
Miniature Donkeys are Herd animals and to avoid undue stress it is essential that they not be kept singly but with another Miniature Donkey or other equine as a life long friend.
It is generally believed that since donkeys are not particularly fond of dogs, that they are naturally good guard animals for sheep & goat herds. The truth is that a Miniature Donkey is no match for more than one dog at a time and sadly there have been too many reports of Miniature Donkeys being mauled and killed by neighborhood dogs. Standard size donkeys may be able to fill the role as a guardian donkey, but not Miniature Donkeys.
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