July Facts

Charley Hall, the Lab

There are labs and then there is Charley Hall our chocolate lab, vineyard protector and tasting room host! Park your car next to our tasting room and as soon as soon as you walk in Charley will escort you to a tasting table. Charley is two years old and has an estimated 2,000 birds under his belt. He even has his own facebook page!

Everyone knows that labs are man's best friend. The Labrador retriever is hands-down the most popular dog in the United States. The breed is famous for its easy-going personality, loyalty, brains and athletic ability. But there are a few things you probably don't know about this well-loved breed — things that may take you by surprise. (source: Mother Nature Network)

Did you Know?

Many breeds are named after the place of their origin, but the Labrador is an exception to this rule. The breed originated in the 1700s a bit south of Labrador, on the island of Newfoundland. It was known as the St. John’s dog, named after the capital city of Newfoundland.
In Newfoundland, the government limited families to only one dog per household and a tax had to be paid for owning a dog. Females were taxed more heavily, so female puppies were often culled from litters. By the 1880s, the breed was nearly gone. Thankfully, though, it persisted in England where it was still favored as a hunting and family dog. England recognized the breed through the Kennel Club in 1903, and the American Kennel Club recognized it in 1917.
They have webbed toes and a rudder-like tail. But what makes them ready for even the most chilly water is their double coat.